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How to Improve Your Chances of Winning Disability in Binghamton

When health issues force you out of work, your life can become overwhelming in an instant.

How am I supposed to pay my normal expenses without a steady income? What if I have medical bills on top of that? You worry you can lose everything, through no fault of your own.

It’s why you pegged Social Security Disability benefits as perfect for your situation. The monthly checks can help you avoid a financial disaster while you focus on what’s most important: feeling your best.

Winning these benefits can, sadly, be difficult. Most are denied on their initial application.

So, you worry about your claim and how you can boost your chances of winning the benefits you need. Keep reading to find out our tips how:

1. Fill Out Your Forms Correctly.

This can seem like an easy one from the outside, but in reality, it’s a mistake we see all the time. Social Security operates under its own legal system, full of forms, rules and regulation that easily trip up those unaccustomed.

Your forms need to be clearly filled out, with nothing missing in order to win.

2. Gather Every Bit of Medical Evidence Available.

You have to go above and beyond with your application to merit consideration. That means you have to make it abundantly clear that your condition is serious enough to warrant benefits.

You’ll need to include things like:

  • Hospital records
  • Doctor’s reports
  • Treatment information
  • Testimonials from coworkers, friends and family
  • And more

It’s imperative you leave nothing out if you want to qualify. It’s a mistake we see too often.

3. Cooperate with the Social Security Administration (SSA)

We often see clients come to us saying they didn’t like the people at Social Security, or event felt uncomfortable with their methods and questions.

You must cooperate if you want to win the benefits you need. That means submitting to their questioning, giving them access to your medical records, or even undergoing an SSA-administered exam.

4. Get Consistent Medical Treatment.

Remember all that medical evidence you need to provide? If it shows you haven’t been consistently treated for your health issue, Social Security could issue a quick denial.

They call this “treatment non-compliance.” Their reasoning is that if you followed the treatment plan laid out by your doctor, you could work your full-time job. So if you don’t hold up your end of the bargain, they won’t approve your claim.

Make Sure You’re Applying for the Right Program.

We also see clients confused about which disability program is right for them. There are two different programs:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is meant for those with a significant enough work history who have paid enough taxes into the Social Security system over their career.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI), on the other hand, is meant for those with limited income and/or those who struggle with disability from a young age.

If you apply for the wrong program, you could receive a denial. Make sure you select the right one for you and your situation.

6. Get a Social Security Disability Lawyer to Help.

It sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

It’s why at Lachman & Gorton, we take pride in helping our neighbors from Central New York win the benefits they deserve. You have enough on your plate before wading into what can be a baffling and exhausting application process.

Our experienced disability lawyers can help you avoid common mistakes and give you the best chance of winning benefits—even if you’ve already been denied.

Give us a call today to get started.

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