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What to Do if You’re Injured Passing a Construction Site

You’re probably not surprised if you hear that New York construction workers can get injured — and some are killed — in accidents on job sites each year.

But you may not realize that construction accidents involving pedestrians or drivers — people just passing by a construction site at the wrong time — are surprisingly common in New York State.

If you, or a family member, were injured in a construction site accident, you have to deal with pain, lost work time, recovery, medical bills and stress.

You have a right to be compensated for this ordeal.

Consult a law firm that focuses on construction accidents in New York State to make sure you recover the maximum compensation for your losses.

At the Lachman & Gorton Law Office, we have years of experience helping New Yorkers after construction accidents.

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Construction Accidents Involving Pedestrians Are Common

The Wall Street Journal reported in 2015 that, “At least once a month on average, a passerby is injured near a New York City construction site by anything from falling bricks, hammers and glass to wind-blown fences and collapsing sidewalk sheds.”

Over a six-year period, that report found 96 construction accidents involving 155 people just passing by, mostly pedestrians but also including at least four vehicle occupants.

In 2016, another news report described how a crane operator in New York failed to properly secure a 500-foot crane, which collapsed and killed a 38-year-old who happened to be walking by.

And in still another report, a Massachusetts’ woman was killed in 2017 when she was hit by a construction vehicle.

What Dangers Do I Face Near Construction?

Work crews have plenty of safety precautions they can follow around construction sites.

Construction workers typically get safety training to help keep them and their coworkers safe.

But sometimes, not enough thought and effort goes into the safety of pedestrians or drivers forced to navigate near construction sites.

Common construction dangers for pedestrians and drivers include:

  • Falling debris
  • Unsafe equipment
  • Improperly secured equipment or tools
  • Lack of sufficient signage
  • Poorly constructed scaffolds, fences or sidewalk sheds that collapse

When property owners, contractors or sub-contractors fail to make sure proper safety measures are taken, pedestrian injuries can result.

The construction accident lawyers at the Lachman & Gorton Law Office have more than 35 years of experience helping New Yorkers get the settlements they deserve

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How Do I Prove My Case?

To win damages for a pedestrian accident in a construction zone, you’ll need to prove:

  1. Who was responsible? — This can be hard to establish. The property owner, general contractor and subcontractors all might point to each other and say, “They were responsible.” A review of contracts between those parties may help establish liability.
  2. Were reasonable safety measures in place? — It’s a given that reasonable steps must be taken to keep a job site safe, but different courts have different versions of just what is reasonable.
  3. Was there a breach of duty? –– What was a construction company expected to do to keep its site safe? Did it breach that duty? Did it act negligently?
  4. Why were you harmed? –– You must establish that negligence of the defendant caused you harm (damages).

Common forms of damages you could be entitled to receive include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of normal life (quality of life)

Get a Lawyer on Your Side

If you were injured in a pedestrian or driving accident at a construction site, you should consult an attorney experienced in construction accidents.

Don’t wait until an insurance company offers you a lowball settlement. Don’t try to deal with an attorney for a construction company who won’t return your calls.

And don’t wait too long to contact a lawyer. With time, evidence that helps your case can disappear. The construction site corrects dangerous conditions. Or other circumstances around the building project change.

The lawyers at the Lachman & Gorton Law Office are dedicating to helping hardworking New Yorkers in Endicott, Elmira, Oneonta and Rochester when you’re harmed due to someone else’s negligence.

If you have a construction accident or personal injury case, don’t go it alone. Get a professional working to protect you and your family.

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