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Social Security Disability and VA Disability Lawyers in Binghamton, New York

Get Support Winning Life-Changing Benefits

It can be life-changing to get the disability benefits you need when you can’t work due to health problems.

You’re consumed with worry about how you’ll pay for medical expenses and all your other bills. The right financial relief takes a huge burden off of you and lets you move forward with your life.

But winning benefits from the government—whether it’s Social Security Disability or VA disability—can be hard.

They put you through a lot of steps and try to resist helping you.

At the Lachman & Gorton Law Office, we can review your situation and help you get the support you deserve.

Our disability attorneys know how to handle the process of getting Social Security Disability, veterans’ disability and construction accident injury compensation. And if you were hurt in an accident, we’ll fight for your personal injury case.

We help people in Binghamton, Elmira, Rochester and across upstate New York. Don’t try to fight the government or insurance companies on your own.


Your Guide Through the Social Security Disability Process

When health issues force you out of a job, your life fills with stress. How are you going to support yourself and your family?

Well, when you worked, you paid into the Social Security Disability system through every paycheck. That means you’ve earned the right to disability compensation when medical problems interrupt your life before you’re ready to retire.

Before you can get disability benefits, though, you have to prove to the Social Security Administration that your health problems are severe enough to prevent you from working any job. Social Security has a special legal system just for deciding who gets disability benefits.

The Social Security Disability lawyers at Lachman & Gorton know the kinds of evidence and information you need to successfully win benefits.

We can provide an initial consultation on your case for FREE.


Get Help Winning Veterans’ Disability Benefits

You served your country in the armed forces, possibly sacrificing your own health.

Veterans’ Disability benefits exist to recognize the sacrifice you made and ease your suffering with a service-connected medical condition.

But sometimes, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) rejects your disability benefits, or gives you a disability rating that fails to reflect the seriousness of your health problems.

If the VA isn’t living up to its commitments to you, an experienced Veterans’ Disability lawyer can stand up for your rights.

The legal team at the Lachman & Gorton Law Office knows the rules you must meet to get the best possible result from VA disability benefits.


Someone to Fight for Your Personal Injury Compensation

Because of someone else’s negligence, you were hurt in an accident.

Now your life is disrupted. Your finances are taking a hit. It isn’t fair that a careless person can get away with putting you through this.

Maybe they can’t.

Under Personal Injury law, you could receive the compensation you need to get your life back in order.

But insurance companies want to avoid paying you any more than they absolutely have to. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows their tricks and how to fight back.

Lachman & Gorton will fight for every penny you’re owed.


Special Help for New York Workers Hurt in Construction Accidents

Construction workers made New York what it is—literally.

But it’s no secret that construction is a dangerous job.

If you’re a construction worker, New York law has special rules meant to protect you legally after a Construction Accident Injury.

The owner of the property and/or the general contractor may be required to compensate you for medical costs and lost work time.

In fact, even people injured while passing by construction sites have special protections in New York law.

Work with an attorney who knows how to apply New York laws to your situation and win compensation that can help you recover—like the attorneys at Lachman & Gorton.


“When I came to Lachman & Gorton for my Social Security case, I had been seeking benefits for close to 10 years and had not received any money from Social Security.

They took my case, went with me to the hearing, prepared for the hearing, and obtained from the judge a fully favorable decision; however, the Social Security Administration then did not properly implement the decision trying to argue that I was only entitled to benefits until 2011 rather than continuing as the judge had ordered.

My attorney Peter Gorton stayed with my case writing numerous letters to the Social Security Administration and even starting an action in the United States Federal District Court to compel Social Security to obey the judge’s order and finally after years of getting nowhere, I was awarded all of my past benefits and continuing benefits.

I recommend Lachman & Gorton.”

Patricia Dumond
National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives
United States District Court of Northern and Western Districts
Broome County Bar Association